New Zealand scraps its plan to ban smoking : NPR

“When incoming Finance Minister Nicola Willis was asked over the weekend for details about those other revenue sources, she mentioned tax and other revenue from tobacco sales.
“We have to remember that the changes to the smoke-free legislation had a significant impact on the government books, with about $1 billion there.”

Meta Downplayed Harmful Content on Its Platforms, According to Complaint ☞ Business Insider

“For example, Meta said that for every 10,000 content views on its platforms only 10 or 11 would contain hate speech, or about 0.10% to 0.11%, per data for July through September 2020 in its CSER report…”
 “An average of 19.3% of users on Instagram and 17.6% of users on Facebook reported witnessing hate speech or discrimination on the platforms according to a TRIPS report from May 2020…”