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On This Day: March 16, 1962 – Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 goes missing – Related Video, Links

Plane in mid-air
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Video: “3 Mass Disappearances of Americans Surrounding the Conflict in Vietnam…”
(Cued to Chapter 1: Flying Tiger Line Flight 739)

0:00 Introduction
☞ 1:16 Flying Tiger Line Flight 739
6:54 The Missing Missionaries
10:40 Baron 52

There was no military service at the funeral. No folded flag was presented to the family. The Army did pay out life insurance for Donald, but it was only $264. Veterans Affairs also bought a headstone marker, but even in that, the sense of military courtesy for the family seemed to evaporate, too.
“My grandfather had to go pick it up. It wasn’t delivered,” Kirk said.
 – The Story Of Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 ☞ Simple Flying