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"It said forensic experts with international cybersecurity firm Secureworks later established the likely source of the security breach was a threat group sponsored or tasked by the Chinese state, based on the nature of the targeted information as well as the observed tools and behaviours."
"Licht, 51, laid off hundreds of employees, including some big-name on-air talents like Preet Bharara, Alison Kosik, Dan Merica, and Chris Cillizza"
"What is happening — it’s frankly, it’s not healthy. It won’t do anything to help a single American improve their lives. And so look, we see this as an interesting, you know, coincidence, and you know, it’s a distraction,” — Jean-Pierre
"As promised, Missouri Attorney General (and US Senator-elect) Eric Schmitt posted the entire transcript of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s deposition in the case of Missouri v. Biden online Monday...Schmitt also tweeted some highlights, for those who don’t want to read the entire 446-page transcript." - MO Attorney General’s Website - Transcript of Fauci Deposition
"This isn't about a story's reception. It's about a story's suppression. It's a story of a so-called "news media" telling everyone to be completely incurious about documents showing Joe Biden's involvement in his son's international lobbying operations."
"Mr. Musk and Mr. Taibbi framed the exchanges as evidence of rank censorship and pernicious influence by liberals. Many others — even some ardent Twitter critics — were less impressed, saying the exchanges merely showed a group of executives earnestly debating how to deal with an unconfirmed news report that was based on information from a stolen laptop."
"The extraordinary revelation for the first time lays bare how the FBI was involved in pre-bunking the story of the laptop, which had been in the bureau’s possession for almost a year."
"One of the worst parts of CNN's article is it cites the "belief" of Twitter execs and "former intelligence officials" that the Biden docs were "a Russian hack-and-leak operation" without mentioning that this ... was a lie, a lie repeated by CNN. Twitter knew it had no evidence."
"Twitter and Tesla Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk indicated on Sunday that the advertisers have returned to the micro-blogging site. - Musk tweeted on early Sunday: 'Just a note to thank advertisers for returning to Twitter.'"
"The current “media”—loosely defined as the old major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, the network news channels, MSNBC and CNN, PBS and NPR, the online news aggregators like Google, Apple, and Yahoo, and the social media giants like the old Twitter and Facebook—are corrupt."
"Cook has already refused to respond to some questions about the protests in China. When Cook arrived in DC for meetings with lawmakers this week, he was met with questions by reporters. Fox Business asked him if he supported the protests and if he regretted limiting AirDrop usage in China. Cook did not answer the question."
"The lying Left has chosen a new narrative to distract from the Hunter Biden laptop story. ‘This is revenge porn’, they say. ‘Why are they picking on a poor guy who is struggling from addiction?’ Perhaps the most creative: ‘Conservatives are mad they can’t share pics of Hunter’s junk!’"
"If confirmed, the scrapping of the morality police would be a concession but there are no guarantees it would be enough to halt the protests, which have seen demonstrators burn their head coverings."
Texas Military Department
"Governor Abbott’s office added, 'The personnel carriers are being trucked to security points along the border to enhance protection amid increasing cartel-driven criminal activity. The lifting of Title 42 later this month could lead to a massive influx of illegal immigrants, allowing criminals to further exploit gaps where federal authorities are inundated with migrant processing.'”
"Elon Musk blasted the New York Times Saturday for its refusal to cover the ongoing firestorm over political censorship at Twitter — damning the newspaper as a 'lobbying firm for far-left politicians.' ”
"After leaving the FBI, Twitter seemed eager to hire Baker as deputy general counsel. Ironically, Baker soon became involved in another alleged back channel with a presidential campaign. This time it was Twitter that maintained the non-public channels with the Biden campaign (and later the White House). Baker soon weighed in with the same signature bias that characterized the Russian investigations."
"Twitter’s former head of trust and safety claimed Friday night that Twitter CEO Elon Musk was putting people’s lives in danger by revealing internal company documents showing how employees censored conservatives and a negative news story about then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son".
Cassidy Russ looking pretty beat up
"However, when the suspect continued to resist arrest, police used baton strikes and 'pain-compliance techniques' in order to subdue him."
"Another interesting development was the confirmation that (now-former) Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde was central to the New York Post‘s Hunter Biden laptop story being suppressed. Gadde, as we now know, was later rewarded by the Biden White House for her obedience: ...Gadde was later appointed by the Biden admin to an advisory role shaping the Department of Homeland Security's 'disinfo policy."
"He literally told Americans that the laptop was a Russian psyop. And half of Americans believed him."
"A disabled veteran in Canada has slammed her government for offering to euthanize her when she grew frustrated at delays in having a wheelchair lift installed in her home."
"Ro Khanna is the Democratic Congressman representing Silicon Valley in the US House of Representatives, while Vijaya Gadde, an attorney, served as general counsel and the head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter, before she was fired by new boss and CEO Musk."
"As RedState has reported extensively, Elon Musk delivered on a promise to release a trove of documents related to the decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story just prior to the 2020 election. Revelations include the fact that the Biden campaign had a direct through-line to get content removed, as well as the fact that Twitter lied about the “hacked material” excuse that was used to justify their actions."
"As of 8:11 PM PST, over 5 hours after the news started breaking on Matt Taibbi’s Twitter account (an event which was publicized well in advance by Musk), the Usual Suspects in journalism could barely find the space in their pages to mention it." -  A rundown:
"Soyapango is one of El Salvador's largest cities and is home to more than 290,000 people. The city - which sits just 13 km (8 miles) west of the capital San Salvador - has long been known as a hub for gang activity. 'As of this moment, the municipality of Soyapango is totally surrounded,' President Bukele wrote on Twitter. 'Extraction teams from the police and the army are tasked with extricating all the gang members still there one by one.' "
"So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!"
"Matt Taibbi...what sad, disgraceful downfall. I swear, kids, he did good work back in the day. Should be a cautionary tale for everyone. Selling your soul for the richest white nationalist on Earth. Well, he'll eat well for the rest of his life I guess. But is it worth it?"
"On four separate occasions between June 2022 and November 2022, packages sent by Elise for Congress containing campaign contributions were ripped open and the contents stolen while in the custody of USPS or its contractors," her lawyers wrote to Postmaster General Louis Dejoy in a letter the Daily Wire obtained. "Three of these incidents occurred in a single week."
"I’ve seen a lot of concerning tweets about the recent Brazil election. If those tweets are accurate, it’s possible that Twitter personnel gave preference to left wing candidates."
"None of the three broadcast networks covered the Friday revelations of how Twitter censored the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story on their Saturday morning shows. However, NBC’s Today did manage to blame Elon Musk for a raise in hate speech on the platform."
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*The Dump contains external links to articles on other sites (often they’re from a few days to sometimes years old). To avoid confusion ☞ External Links and  External News Links  are dated as to when they were originally created/posted on their respective sites whenever possible, not when they are linked to or posted on here. 

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