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SPLC Lawyer Faces Terrorism Charges After Atlanta Riot ☞ Daily Signal

“In a statement Monday evening, the SPLC acknowledged that police arrested an employee, but claimed that he had been acting as a legal observer with the National Lawyers Guild. The guild condemned every police arrest Sunday as an example of ‘ongoing state repression and violence against racial and environmental justice protesters,’ and the SPLC condemned escalating ‘policing tactics against protesters.’ Neither organization explicitly stated that the observer had not engaged in violence against police.”

Jan. 6 Footage Shows Officer Brian Sicknick Walking Uninjured in Capitol Around the Time Rioters ‘Killed’ Him Outside ☞ Legal Insurrection

To prove the insurrection was deadly, propagandists pointed to the death of an officer called Brian sicknick. The mob killed Brian sicknick. That’s what they said. He was the single most powerful indictment of the January 6th protesters and of Donald Trump and of Republican voters nationally. They repeated that claim for years. They are still repeating it. At first they told the country that officer sicknick was murdered with a fire extinguisher.”

Spain asks US to begin cleanup of nuclear accident site from 1966 ☞ Stars and Stripes

“The bombs fell on Jan. 17, 1966, when a U.S. B-52 bomber and a refueling plane crashed into each other, killing seven of 11 crew members. There were no fatalities on the ground. The accident happened during the height of the Cold War when it was U.S. policy to keep nuclear-armed warplanes in the air constantly near the Soviet border.”

Russia Gives Fertilizer to Malawi, Seeks African Support ☞ VOA

“Russia will give 260,000 tons of fertilizer to countries in the continent, Russian Ambassador to Malawi Nikolai Krasilnikov said at a handover ceremony Monday at the capital, Lilongwe. He said he hopes African leaders will press for the abolition of international sanctions against Russia when they attend the second Russia-Africa summit to be held in St. Petersburg at the end of July.”

Americans Continue to View China as the U.S.’s Greatest Enemy ☞ Gallup

“WASHINGTON, D.C. — For the third year in a row, Americans are most likely to mention China as the United States’ greatest enemy in the world today. When asked the open-ended question, 50% of Americans say China is their nation’s greatest enemy, with most of the rest, 32%, naming Russia. North Korea, which was viewed as the greatest enemy in 2018, is now a distant third at 7%.”

60 Minutes Attempts to Walk Back Doubts Over Covid Lab Leak Theory

“Does the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to your knowledge, have this virus in its inventory?” Pelley asked. “No,” Daszak firmly responded. “The closest known relative is one that’s different enough that it is not SARS-CoV 2, so there’s just no evidence that anybody had it in the lab anywhere in the world before the outbreak.”

Corrupt FBI Investigated Pro-Lifers as ‘Terrorists’ ☞ PJ Media

“O’Boyle was even ordered to ask a pro-lifer ‘about the threats to the Supreme Court. I was like, why would this person know about those threats? He’s pro-life. Like, he’s not the one going and threatening the Supreme Court Justices.’ Of course. And the FBI leadership knows that. But they have a quota of ‘right-wing extremists’ to fulfill.”

Fake cocaine used to lure suspects in Australia’s biggest-ever drugs bust ☞ Sky News – UK

“In a joint collaboration with the US, dubbed “Operation Beech”, 2.4 tonnes of cocaine – with alleged links to a Mexican drug cartel – was seized by officers after it had travelled from South America. The drugs had a street value of around £562.9m ($1bn Australian dollars), and were equivalent to half of Australia’s estimated annual consumption, according to police.”

Philippine governor, 5 others killed in brazen attack ☞ The Hindu

“At least six men armed with assault rifles and wearing military-style camouflage and bullet-proof vests alighted from three SUVs and opened fire on Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo, hitting him and at least five other people in front of his home in Pamplona town. The province has a history of violent political rivalries.”

Bill to Declassify All Intelligence on Origin of COVID-19 Flies Through Senate, Passes by Unanimous Consent ☞ Independent Journal Review

“’The Director of National Intelligence should declassify and make available to the public as much information as possible about the origin of COVID–19.’ The legislation also requires the DNI to ‘declassify any and all information relating to potential links between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origin of the Coronavirus Disease 2019,’ including activities performed by the institute on behalf of communist China’s People’s Liberation Army.”

Alex Murdaugh Convicted of Murder in Shootings of Wife, Son ☞ Newsmax.com

“Among the state’s strongest evidence was Murdaugh’s admission from the stand last week that he’d lied about his whereabouts on the night of the killings, telling investigators he wasn’t at the dog kennels before the murders. Murdaugh changed his account after the jury listened to audio evidence placing him at the crime scene minutes before it occurred.”

Iran: nearly 100 people executed in first two months of this year ☞ Amnesty International UK

“The figures show an escalating use of the death penalty against persecuted ethnic minorities, with 28 people from Iran’s minority groups among those executed so far this year. Of the minority group members executed so far in 2023, 19 were convicted of drug-related offences, seven of murder, and two of the overly-broad and vaguely-worded charges of ‘spreading corruption on earth’ and ‘enmity against God’, neither of which meet the principle of legality.”

Gazprombank bankers in Switzerland charged with hiding Rusing President Vladimir Putin’s millions ☞ Financial Review

“Accounts opened in Switzerland by the bankers indicated Mr Roldugin had assets of at least $US50 million ($74 million) and planned to funnel more than $US10 million into the country annually through a complex waterfall of shell companies and accounts. “The declared assets were in general in no way plausible as Roldugin’s own assets,” prosecutors state.”

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