The West Is Inching Closer to More Insanity in the Baltic Sea ☞ naked capitalism

“In the Baltic Sea – home of the twisted wreckage of the Nord Stream pipelines – another pipeline was recently damaged along with telecommunications cables. Western officials are making escalatory statements and are again floating the idea of closing the ‘NATO lake’ to Russian ships, which would likely be viewed by Moscow as an act of war. Onshore, Finland is rapidly militarizing its border with Russia. And a notable Chinese cargo ship is now at the center of the firestorm.”

Meta Downplayed Harmful Content on Its Platforms, According to Complaint ☞ Business Insider

“For example, Meta said that for every 10,000 content views on its platforms only 10 or 11 would contain hate speech, or about 0.10% to 0.11%, per data for July through September 2020 in its CSER report…”
 “An average of 19.3% of users on Instagram and 17.6% of users on Facebook reported witnessing hate speech or discrimination on the platforms according to a TRIPS report from May 2020…”