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Amnesty International Demands UN Council’s Attention On ‘Relentless’ Taliban Abuses In Afghanistan ☞ Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

“The international community should act soon to establish a UN-mandated international fact-finding and evidence preservation mechanism to ensure independent investigations and prosecutions are possible, the current accountability gap is allowing grave violations and abuses in Afghanistan to continue unabated, and it must be urgently closed.”

Taliban Forces Kill Top IS Commanders in Afghanistan ☞ VOA

“Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a late-night statement that “the intelligence and operations chief of Daesh” in Afghanistan was also among those killed in the operation late Sunday. He identified the slain terror leader as Qari Fateh. Daesh, or Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K), is an Afghan affiliate of Islamic State and a key Taliban adversary.”

Putin, Afghans among top gift givers to Bidens in 2021 ☞ AP News

“In happier times between all three countries, Vladimir Putin gave Biden a $12,000 lacquer writing box and pen when they met at a highly anticipated summit in Geneva, Switzerland in June 2021. And, then-Afghan President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani and his wife gave the U.S. president and first lady Jill Biden silk rugs worth an estimated $28,800 later that month.”

Major aid groups suspend work in Afghanistan AS Taliban bar women ☞ NBC News

“Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council and CARE said they cannot effectively reach children, women and men in desperate need in Afghanistan without the women in their workforces. The NGO ban was introduced a day earlier, allegedly because women weren’t wearing the Islamic headscarf correctly.”

Taliban Closes Afghan Universities To Women ☞ The Daily Wire

“So after almost 17 months of banning teenage girls from school. The Taliban decide to BAN women from universities too. Afghanistan is the ONLY country in the world that bans women and girls from going to school & university. This is a crime against humanity & it must not stand,”

IOC warns Afghanistan over women’s sports and Olympics ☞ Japan Today

“The IOC said its support for Afghanistan’s National Olympic Committee will depend on conditions including women being allowed to play sports with ‘safe and inclusive access’ and to take part in sports administration. Afghanistan’s teams for international events must include female athletes who live in the country and not only those based abroad.”

Taliban Defend Ban on VOA, RFE/RL Broadcasts in Afghanistan ☞ VOA

“Repressive governments around the world like this one clearly understand the power of independent media — that is why they spend so much time and effort fighting it,” Bennett said. “We are already exploring alternate transmissions, and we will not let this action deter us.”

Taliban targeting of women may constitute ‘crime against humanity’, UN experts say ☞ The National

“A team of UN experts said on Friday that the latest actions by Afghanistan’s Taliban authorities against women and girls may amount to ‘gender persecution, a crime against humanity’ and should be investigated and prosecuted under international law. In recent months, violations of women and girls’ fundamental rights and freedoms in Afghanistan, already the most severe and unacceptable in the world, have sharply increased,’ read the statement.”

Amnesty: Taliban crackdown on rights is ‘suffocating’ women ☞ AP News

“Amnesty said the Taliban have also decimated protections for those facing domestic violence, detained women and girls for minor violations and contributed to a surge in child marriages. The report also documented the torture and abuse of women arrested by the Taliban for protesting against restrictions.”

Taliban hard-liners turning back the clock in Afghanistan ☞ AP News

“Girls have been banned from going to school beyond the sixth grade, women are barred from boarding planes if they travel unaccompanied by a male relative. Men and women can only visit public parks on separate days and the use of mobile telephones in universities is prohibited. It doesn’t stop there.”

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