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Princeton’s criminal justice-inspired Honor Code hurts FLI students ☞ The Princetonian

“Princeton’s Honor Code, tasked with holding students accountable and honest in academic settings, mirrors the criminal justice system in its rules and effects. It is harmful to the entirety of the Princeton community: the fear it instills in students fosters an environment of academic hostility. But it is often most damaging for first-generation low-income (FLI) students — students who also often belong to racial minorities.”

Report: Two More VA School Principals Admit To Withholding National Merit Awards From Students ☞ Legal Insurrection

“The goal is equal outcomes, and what we need to be equitable about is the access. In a very real sense, many districts struggle with this. To have true equity, you have to be purposefully unequal when it comes to resources. I want to say that again because most districts struggle with that. To have an equity-centered organization, we have to have the courage and the willingness to be purposefully unequal when it comes to opportunities and access”

Taliban Closes Afghan Universities To Women ☞ The Daily Wire

“So after almost 17 months of banning teenage girls from school. The Taliban decide to BAN women from universities too. Afghanistan is the ONLY country in the world that bans women and girls from going to school & university. This is a crime against humanity & it must not stand,”

Arrest of student in Boston a grim reminder of the danger facing Chinese dissidents on campus  ☞

“Wu also added that he had reported the victim to public security in China and that police would ‘greet’ her family, a clear implication that her relatives would pay the price for her activism, a common fear among Chinese activists abroad. FBI agents reportedly believe Wu succeeded in alerting the Chinese authorities to the victim’s activities. Finally, the Department of Justice alleges that Wu ‘solicited others to find out where the victim was living and publicly posted the victim’s email address in the hopes that others would abuse the victim online.’” 

Teacher Takes Students to Café, Falsely Reports Multiple Stabbings at School ☞ NBC4 Washington

“The teacher escorted 27 students from Green Valley Elementary School in Monrovia, Maryland, leading them almost a mile through the woods to The Buzz Café. There, she asked the staff to call police and report multiple stabbings at the school shortly before 12:30 p.m., the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said. Initially, café staff spoke to the dispatcher, and then the teacher herself did.”

New Document Leak Shows FBI is Classifying ‘Misinformation’ as an ‘Election Crime’ Heading Into Midterms ☞ Big League Politics

“On one occasion, Seraphin said he was compelled to divulge information in 2021 when Attorney General Merrick Garland said to elected officials that the Department of Justice was not singling out parents who were protesting at school boards. Seraphin provided a member of Congress an email that the FBI was circulating among its ranks. The email said that Garland ordered the activation of the PATRIOT Act to single out parents with a tag titled “EDUOFFICIALS.”

AG Garland Warned to Preserve Docs on School Board Memo ☞

“Garland issued an Oct. 4, 2021, memo ordering the FBI to aid local officials with threats against school officials. That followed a National School Boards Association letter to President Joe Biden asking that he look into acts of ‘domestic terrorism’ at school board meetings — a reference to angry parents complaining about issues such as mask mandates and critical race theory.”

Scientists defend censorship, cancel culture as ‘recalibrating,’ ‘consequences culture’ ☞ The College Fix

“What do we value as an academic and a scientific community? Do our core values include only the pursuit of facts and inventions, to the exclusion of other considerations? Or do we accept that scientists have a responsibility to serve society beyond simply expanding the knowledge base, and should therefore concern themselves (at least in part) with how their words and actions intersect and impact the human sphere?”

FBI Investigated Concerned Parents ☞ Power Line

“In another instance, the congressmen wrote that an FBI agent interviewed a tipster who admitted he had ‘no specific information or observations . . . of any crimes or threats.’ The tipster had submitted a complaint against an anti-mask-mandate dad, claiming that the dad ‘fit the profile of an insurrectionist,’ and the FBI had opened an investigation into the dad.”

Garland Perjury? FBI Whistleblowers Say Parents Investigated With Counterterrorism “Threat Tag” ☞ ZeroHedge

“An FBI whistleblower has revealed that ‘dozens’ of investigations into parents voicing their opposition to topics ranging from Critical Race Theory to mask mandates were investigated using a “threat tag” created by the agency’s counterterrorism division – directly contradicting Attorney General Merrick Garland’s 2021 testimony denying that the Department of Justice had been weaponized.”

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"Police got a tip that he was at the Dallas World Aquarium on Thursday near animal exhibits. Officers spotted him getting onto a DART train and caught up to him on Pacific Avenue. He was taken to police headquarters for questioning."
Feb 3, 2023
"A senior defense official told Pentagon reporters that the U.S. has 'very high confidence' it is a Chinese high-altitude balloon and it was flying over sensitive sites to collect information. One of the places the balloon was spotted was Montana, which is home to one of the nation’s three nuclear missile silo fields at Malmstrom Air Force Base."
Feb 2, 2023
“'The restoration of the services of Wikipedia will be reconsidered subject to blocking / removal of the reported unlawful contents. PTA is committed to ensuring a safe online experience for all Pakistani citizens according to local laws,' the regulator said. The regulator did not elaborate on what content it had asked Wikipedia to remove."
Feb 2, 2023
"The national drink of Scotland's by-products can be used in skincare products to boost the skin's appearance. This includes reducing inflammation and puffiness, calming redness and fighting free radical damage from the environment."
Feb 2, 2023
The Austrian Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of four Russian diplomats for what it said were actions incompatible with their diplomatic status, adding that they must leave the country."
Feb 2, 2023
"But officials said Wednesday that an investigation found some of the animals in the zoo's collection had allegedly been sold off, traded or eaten under Nava's orders."
Feb 2, 2023
"Kids and adults cheerfully waited for Fred to appear at an annual event in Val-d’Espoir, Quebec, on Thursday, before event organizer Roberto Blondin announced the stubby burrower’s demise. Fred, 9, was found dead overnight and Blondin said he might have passed away late last year during hibernation."
Feb 2, 2023
"James Gordon Meek, a former Emmy-winning producer at ABC News, made headlines last year when he disappeared following an FBI raid on his home...Speculation at the time was that the raid was connected to his reporting on the 2017 Pentagon coverup of the deaths of four US special forces soldiers following an ambush by ISIS militants in Nigeria;"
Feb 1, 2023
“There is no difference in having stolen the data — I mean, a computer shop owner who Hunter Biden gave a laptop to fix, who stole his data, which to me has been incredible from the very beginning that has not been the bigger story. This is the equivalent of hacking into somebody. And to celebrate this and say there’s no problem, I’ve never understood it, and I think it’s a really dangerous path for the GOP to go down.”
Feb 1, 2023
"Since President Nayib Bukele asked the country's congress to approve a state of exception in March, the police and army have arrested more than 62,000 suspected gang members and their collaborators."
Feb 1, 2023
"The vacant house had been the subject of a previous investigation involving exotic animals being kept at the location, police said. Animal feces and a room containing pigeons were found at the house, police said. The monkeys were inside a closet in another bedroom. A water jug containing dead fish and several domestic cats were also found inside the residence."
Feb 1, 2023
"At no time did anyone from An’s group enter an alley to pay off an officer, Atchayon said, citing the video footage. However, following that news conference, several Thai media outlets published stories saying that the officers in question had admitted to an unnamed source that they did ask An’s group for money on the night in question."
Feb 1, 2023
"It emerged that the baby did not have a ticket, and the couple headed off to board the flight -- leaving their child behind on the airline check-in counter."
Feb 1, 2023
The capsule – which could fit onto a 10 cent piece – came loose during transportation from north of the Pilbara mining town of Newman to the Perth suburb of Malaga earlier in January. Despite its size, the capsule – containing the radioactive material Caesium-137 – is capable of emitting the same radiation as one would receive sitting through 10 X-rays in an hour."
Feb 1, 2023
"The dodo is the third animal along with the mammoth and Tasmanian tiger, that Colossal Biosciences hopes to bring back from the dead."
Feb 1, 2023
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