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Facebook Is Hoarding Sensitive Medical Information: Report ☞ Newsbusters

“Clicking the ‘Schedule Online Now’ button for a doctor on the website of Froedtert Hospital, in Wisconsin, prompted the Meta Pixel to send Facebook the text of the button, the doctor’s name, and the condition we selected from a dropdown menu: ‘Alzheimer’s,’” The Markup reported.

WHO: COVID Origins Unclear but Lab Leak Theory Needs Study ☞

“Former U.S. President Donald Trump speculated repeatedly that COVID-19 was started in a Chinese lab. He also accused WHO of ‘ colluding’ with China to cover up the initial outbreak, citing the U.N. health agency’s continued public praise of the country despite China’s refusal to share crucial data.”

Exclusive: Internal probe faults Capitol Police for photographing congressman’s private work ☞ Just The News

“An internal investigation has confirmed Capitol Police entered Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls’ office and photographed a whiteboard containing his sensitive legislative plans, concluding the officer who took the picture exercised ‘questionable judgment’ and the department lacked policies and training to avoid an unnecessary intrusion on lawmakers’ constitutionally protected work.”

China Could Use Forbes To Push Communist Propaganda, Senators Warn ☞ Washington Free Beacon

“An April 8 proxy statement filed by Magnum Opus, the acquisition company, says that if the deal proceeds, Forbes “could be subject to oversight and discretion of [Chinese] governmental authorities, which could seek to intervene or influence its business operations at any time that the government deems appropriate to further their regulatory, political, and societal goals,” the senators wrote.”

Supreme Court Blocks Texas Law Restraining Social Media Companies ☞

“The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked a Texas law that bars large social media companies from banning or censoring users based on ‘viewpoint,’ siding with two technology industry groups that have argued that the Republican-backed measure would turn platforms into ‘havens of the vilest expression imaginable.’ “

Which Governments Are Requesting Your Data The Most? ☞ TechRobot

“In response to government requests, Facebook states that it may produce any of the following data: Basic subscriber information such as name, length of service, payment information and email addresses; records pertaining to account activity such as message headers and IP addresses’; and the stored contents of an account such as messages, photos, videos, timeline posts and location information.”

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