Instagram Videos Sexualizing Children Shown To Adults Who Follow Preteen Influencers ☞ ZeroHedge

“According to the the Wall Street Journal, Instagram allowed pedophiles to search for content with explicit hashtagssuch as #pedowhore and #preteensex, which were then used to connect them to accounts that advertise child-sex material for sale from users going under names such as “little slut for you.”
And according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Meta accounted for more than 85% of child pornography reports…”
But Twitter has mean tweets – David

Meta Downplayed Harmful Content on Its Platforms, According to Complaint ☞ Business Insider

“For example, Meta said that for every 10,000 content views on its platforms only 10 or 11 would contain hate speech, or about 0.10% to 0.11%, per data for July through September 2020 in its CSER report…”
 “An average of 19.3% of users on Instagram and 17.6% of users on Facebook reported witnessing hate speech or discrimination on the platforms according to a TRIPS report from May 2020…”

Meta Nick Clegg says its AI trains on your Facebook and Instagram posts ☞ Axios

“Details: After Meta unveiled its new AI assistants last week, its president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, told Reuters that the ‘vast majority‘ of the training data used to develop them came from publicly available posts, including on Facebook and Instagram.
“We’ve tried to exclude datasets that have a heavy preponderance of personal information.”

A Burmese hip-hop artist is jailed for 20 years for criticizing Myanmar’s military leaders ☞ The Independent – UK

“In a livestream on his facebook page, he alleged they had failed to supply enough electricity to Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city… he called Min Aung Hlaing ‘incompetent’ and the electricity minister a ‘fool’…
Five days after his arrest, state-run media announced he had been taken into custody for incitement and spreading propaganda that could destabilize the state.”

Meta’s Threads Is Already Unraveling ☞ Time

“It appeared that Zuckerberg, the once-and-future king of social media, had launched a legitimate challenge to Twitter’s dominance in the midst of ongoing turmoil at the Elon Musk-owned company.
Exactly six weeks later, Threads is fading fast.”