AOC Decries Disinfo, Gets Hilariously Tripped up by Her Own, Repost by Fellow Squad Member Ilhan Omar ☞ RedState

“The level of misinformation in all directions at this moment is incredibly high, especially on this platform, If you see a claim, photo, or video that triggers a strong emotional reaction, take a moment to pause and check for veracity/confirmation from multiple sources.”
“Ilhan Omar has reposted an image purported to be from Gaza but is actually a 2013 image of child victims of the Assad regime’s Eastern Ghouta gas attack. This is a sitting Congresswoman. I have absolutely no words.”

SPLC Lawyer Faces Terrorism Charges After Atlanta Riot ☞ Daily Signal

“In a statement Monday evening, the SPLC acknowledged that police arrested an employee, but claimed that he had been acting as a legal observer with the National Lawyers Guild. The guild condemned every police arrest Sunday as an example of ‘ongoing state repression and violence against racial and environmental justice protesters,’ and the SPLC condemned escalating ‘policing tactics against protesters.’ Neither organization explicitly stated that the observer had not engaged in violence against police.”