Mexico says it “rejects” Texas proposal to deport undocumented immigrants ☞ The Texas Tribune

“The Government of Mexico reiterates its rejection of any measure that contemplates the involuntary return of migrants without respect for due process.”
It added that Mexico, “recognizes the sovereign right of any country to decide the public policies that should be implemented in its territory,” but Mexico also has a right to defend the estimated 10 million people of Mexican origin in Texas and “establish its own immigration policies in its territory.”

Trump Plans Sweeping Deportation of Illegal Aliens if Elected in 2024 ☞ RedState

“No matter who the GOP’s nominee will be, and no matter who (almost certainly) the Democrats choose to replace the doddering, befuddled Joe Biden as their candidate, illegal immigration and the southern border will be major issues in next year’s campaign. President Trump staked out this ground in 2016. It worked in his favor then. There’s little reason to think it won’t work in his favor in 2024.”