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LGBTQ+ dating app Grindr issues warning to users in Egypt ☞ ABC News

“We have been alerted that Egyptian police is actively making arrests of gay, bi, and trans people on digital platforms. They are using fake accounts and have also taken over accounts from real community members who have already been arrested and had their phones taken. Please take extra caution online and offline, including with accounts that may have seemed legitimate in the past.”

Rap artist Afroman sued by officers who raided his home ☞ AP News

“The plaintiffs are seeking all of Foreman’s profits from his use of their personas. That includes proceeds from the songs, music videos and live event tickets, as well as the promotion of Foreman’s Afroman brand, under which he sells beer, marijuana, T-shirts and other merchandise. They also seek a court injunction to take down all videos and posts containing their personas.”

North Hampton Chief Leaves After Investigation Into Questionable Arrest ☞ NH Journal

“Asked if she had been drinking, Loud said she stopped off after work and drank a few beers before coming home to watch baseball. She said she might have had some hard lemonade at home. She was reluctant to submit to a Breathalyzer test in her own home. Facing an ultimatum from Johnson, she agreed.The test registered a blood alcohol percentage (BAC) of .086 percent.”

Third of officers in an Ohio police department hit with civil rights and abuse charges ☞ ABC News

“The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office and the Cleveland Division of the FBI announced the new indictments at a news conference and released police body camera footage showing the officers allegedly beating, kicking and stomping community residents, including several who were brutalized after being handcuffed and appearing to comply with officers order to get on their knees.”

Georgia deputy body-slams man, fractures his skull, and arrests him after mistaking him for a burglar ☞ TheBlaze

“Tyler was making movements with his hands I was unable to see due to the lack of sunlight; my blue/white lights were extremely bright as well. … Tyler again attempted to loosen my grip and tried to turn around to face me. I still have not patted Tyler down for weapons at this point. Tyler’s left hand went towards his waist band, out of my view. I then gained control of Tyler and escorted him to the ground to better control him.”

Thai cops apologize after graft claim ☞ Taipei Times

“At no time did anyone from An’s group enter an alley to pay off an officer, Atchayon said, citing the video footage. However, following that news conference, several Thai media outlets published stories saying that the officers in question had admitted to an unnamed source that they did ask An’s group for money on the night in question.”

Chinese Police Station In New York Closes After FBI Raid ☞ Daily Caller

“’The notion that the PRC would attempt to set up offices effectively functioning as ‘police service stations’ in the United States is a matter that affects U.S. sovereignty and would circumvent standard judicial and law enforcement cooperation processes,’ the State Department wrote.”

Dallas couple wrongfully arrested on murder charge spent Christmas in jail ☞ WFAA 8 ABC – Dallas

“The couple says when police got them down to the homicide unit, they tried to turn them against each other. ‘He said, ‘Well your wife already told me. You might as well go ahead and tell me why you did it,’ Tovar said. ‘(I said,) I know my wife didn’t tell you nothing because there’s nothing to tell.’ Esparza says when she told the detective what she recalled from that night, ‘he came back and said, ‘You’re lying.’”

Two New Secret Chinese Police Stations Discovered in L.A. ☞ PJ Media

“The Chinese claim the police stations are for Chinese nationals to renew their driver’s licenses and stop “online fraud.” Yet, as per the Spain-based Safeguard Defenders, the police stations have used nefarious means to ‘convince’ roughly 230,000 people to ‘voluntarily’ return to China. The police stations are also keeping tabs on Chinese nationals who speak out against the commie regime.”

San Francisco Has Reversed Its Killer Robot Plan ☞ WIRED

“In late November, the city’s board of supervisors gave local police the right to kill a criminal suspect using a tele-operated robot, should they believe that not acting would endanger members of the public or the police….Yet little more than a week on, those same legislators have rolled back their decision, sending back the plans to a committee for further review.”

SF police ‘killer robots’ motion passes ☞ KRON 4 – San Francisco

“City Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said SFPD will have access to seven robots ‘designed to neutralize dispose of bombs, and provide video reconnaissance for operators.’ None of the robots will have firearms attached, but Mandelman said they could be asked to carry out deadly force in extreme situations.”

Civil rights group outraged after Canadian province looks to introduce ‘unexplained wealth’ seizure law ☞ LifeSite

“The recommendation stated that “Civil forfeiture is already used much more readily than criminal prosecution but still requires a link to criminal activity, which may be hard to establish, especially where international transfers are involved. Unexplained Wealth Orders could be used to confiscate property where there is no evident legitimate source of funds, providing another civil process tool that does not rely on criminal prosecution or evidence of a crime.” 

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