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New documents reveal ‘huge’ scale of US government’s cell phone location data tracking ☞ TechCrunch

However, new documents obtained by the ACLU through an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit now reveal the extent of this warrantless data collection. The 6,000-plus records reviewed by the civil rights organization contained approximately 336,000 location points across North America obtained from people’s phones. They also reveal that in just three days in 2018, CBP obtained records containing around 113,654 location points in the southwestern United States — more than 26 location points per minute.

CA Department of Justice Releases CCW Permit Holders’ Addresses, Phone Numbers, Birth Dates in Massive Data Breach ☞ RedState

“A Redditor sounded the alarm:
Through a process that we will be not discussing, but is relatively easy and not even slightly hidden to do, you can access the names, addresses, and DOB’s of all CCW holders in the state of CA. That includes judges, reserve officers, and random people like you and me. They also released information on FSC stats which has DOB and ID/DL numbers, and a file that includes DROS information, which has DOB, race, gender, and which dealer a given gun was purchased at since at least 2012. As you can see, this is devastating to the privacy of gun owners. It’s fairly trivial to begin cross referencing data between these three documents to determine who owns what guns with decent accuracy, especially if they have a CCW that already says where they live.”

Facebook Is Hoarding Sensitive Medical Information: Report ☞ Newsbusters

“Clicking the ‘Schedule Online Now’ button for a doctor on the website of Froedtert Hospital, in Wisconsin, prompted the Meta Pixel to send Facebook the text of the button, the doctor’s name, and the condition we selected from a dropdown menu: ‘Alzheimer’s,’” The Markup reported.

Exclusive: Internal probe faults Capitol Police for photographing congressman’s private work ☞ Just The News

“An internal investigation has confirmed Capitol Police entered Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls’ office and photographed a whiteboard containing his sensitive legislative plans, concluding the officer who took the picture exercised ‘questionable judgment’ and the department lacked policies and training to avoid an unnecessary intrusion on lawmakers’ constitutionally protected work.”

Which Governments Are Requesting Your Data The Most? ☞ TechRobot

“In response to government requests, Facebook states that it may produce any of the following data: Basic subscriber information such as name, length of service, payment information and email addresses; records pertaining to account activity such as message headers and IP addresses’; and the stored contents of an account such as messages, photos, videos, timeline posts and location information.”

What is a VPN? Here’s What You Need to Know ☞

“For example, without a VPN, a malicious hacker on a public WiFi network might not be able to read your bank login information, but they can see that you are visiting your bank. On the other hand, a VPN would help to prevent that hacker from even seeing what site you are visiting”

You can now ask Google to take your personal data out of its search results ☞ NPR – KERA

“Anyone who doesn’t want their phone number, email or street address to be found online can ask Google to omit the data from its search results. – 

‘It’s important to remember that removing content from Google Search won’t remove it from the internet, which is why you may wish to contact the hosting site directly, if you’re comfortable doing so,’ ”

Thank You, Taylor Lorenz ☞ RedState

“Lorenz is something of an unashamed hypocrite who likes to cry about the alleged harassment she received for her reporting then turn around and do exactly what she said was wrong when done to her.”

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