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How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media? ☞ American Greatness

“The current “media”—loosely defined as the old major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, the network news channels, MSNBC and CNN, PBS and NPR, the online news aggregators like Google, Apple, and Yahoo, and the social media giants like the old Twitter and Facebook—are corrupt.”

Twitter files reveal James Baker in Hunter Biden laptop scandal ☞ New York Post

“After leaving the FBI, Twitter seemed eager to hire Baker as deputy general counsel. Ironically, Baker soon became involved in another alleged back channel with a presidential campaign. This time it was Twitter that maintained the non-public channels with the Biden campaign (and later the White House). Baker soon weighed in with the same signature bias that characterized the Russian investigations.”

Usual Suspects Desperately Try Downplaying Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’ Release on Hunter Biden Story Suppression ☞ Legal Insurrection

“Another interesting development was the confirmation that (now-former) Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde was central to the New York Post‘s Hunter Biden laptop story being suppressed. Gadde, as we now know, was later rewarded by the Biden White House for her obedience:

…Gadde was later appointed by the Biden admin to an advisory role shaping the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘disinfo policy.”


German Public TV (ZDF)Compares Elon Musk To Goebbels ☞ ZeroHedge

“Leaving aside the extreme mental contortionism required to associate freedom of speech with Nazi Germany, if ever there was a don’t-throw-stones-in-glass-houses moment, this was it. For, as so happens, during the Second World War, the founding director of ZDF, Karl Holzamer, himself served in one of the propaganda units that none other than Goebbels’s Ministry of Propaganda embedded with the different divisions of the Germany military.”

CIA Officer Frank Snepp

CIA Officer Frank Snepp Discusses Planting Stories in Vietnam (1983) – Video

Frank Snepp arrived in Vietnam in 1969 and stayed on until he was evacuated as Saigon fell in 1975.

He spent a good deal of time working with the press while there and developed the ability to plant stories in major media outlets like the New York Times, the New Yorker, the LA Times, Chicago Daily News and others that supported the Agency’s goals.

MSNBC: GOP Midterm Victory Will ‘Conceivably Kill’ Our Children ☞ OutKick

“And a historian 50 years from now, if historians are allowed to write in this country and if there are still free publishing houses and a free press, which I’m not certain of. But if that is true, a historian will say, what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed. We’re on the edge of a brutal authoritarian system, and it could be a week away.”

Scientists defend censorship, cancel culture as ‘recalibrating,’ ‘consequences culture’ ☞ The College Fix

“What do we value as an academic and a scientific community? Do our core values include only the pursuit of facts and inventions, to the exclusion of other considerations? Or do we accept that scientists have a responsibility to serve society beyond simply expanding the knowledge base, and should therefore concern themselves (at least in part) with how their words and actions intersect and impact the human sphere?”

Just in time for the midterms: New Entry Joins “Pink Slime” Pseudo-News Sweepstakes ☞ NewsGuard

“The five news websites that launched in April 2022 look like benign, politically independent state news outlets, with local stories about the best Pennsylvania lakes to visit in the summer and The Michigan Museum of Natural History. But a NewsGuard review has uncovered that the network of five websites — which publishes articles online and in print and then invests in ads on Facebook to give them a far broader audience — is part of a coordinated effort ahead of the 2022 U.S. midterms to push voters to vote Democrat in battleground states.”

Judge: Meta Intentionally Violated Campaign Finance Laws ☞ Newsbusters

“The judge concluded that Meta repeatedly and intentionally violated the law and must pay penalties. The exact amount of penalties will be determined at a later date. Under state law, the court can assess a civil penalty of up to $10,000 per violation. In addition, because Meta’s violations are found to have been intentional, the court may triple the amount of the judgment as punitive damages. By law, campaign finance penalties go to the State Public Disclosure Transparency Account.”

China Could Use Forbes To Push Communist Propaganda, Senators Warn ☞ Washington Free Beacon

“An April 8 proxy statement filed by Magnum Opus, the acquisition company, says that if the deal proceeds, Forbes “could be subject to oversight and discretion of [Chinese] governmental authorities, which could seek to intervene or influence its business operations at any time that the government deems appropriate to further their regulatory, political, and societal goals,” the senators wrote.”

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