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Do it right – Moe Tucker and Daniel Johnston (1989)

Get it all in order
It’s the horse
And then the cart
You want to get it right

To do it right
Don’t play dumb
And don’t act smart

— Daniel Johnston

Moe Tucker and Daniel Johnston
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It’s been 19 days since I listed anything.
If I wasn’t the boss, I’d fire me.

Been busy, doing things while avoiding listing. I could have listed, would have been better.

Sales are ok considering my small inventory, they would be good if I put more new things out.

In a way it goes back to the schedule, I only got the mornings block set up but that worked. Worked for almost a week and then a couple of days the next week.

A couple of setbacks though and things were falling apart. Sort of missed the main idea of setting up a schedule, a routine  – setting aside time to make sure important things get done when things are falling apart. Except things weren’t really falling apart.

And I could have restarted the schedule at any time.

I’m not totally kicking myself in the ass, but I should be.

 — David