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With millions of people making music for thousands of years, non-repetitive, unsafe, non-categorized, top notch music should be the norm.

This could be heaven
Shallow spreads of ordered lawns
I like the illusion, illusion of privacy
The careful trees blending so perfectly
Bland planned idle luxury
Life in lovely allotted slots
A token nice, a nice constitution
A layered mass of subtle props
— John Lydon

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I like my little patch of suburbia.

I have a bird bath outside the window at my desk and it’s fun to watch the birds throughout the day. With the summer heat though the bees started taking it over and the birds were going through hell. I ended up making a “bee bath” right next to it to lure the bees away. Had to empty the bird bath to get the bees to switch and get the new bath established as I gradually moved it farther and farther away. With no water in the bird bath, all the birds left.

It was a no win, the birds couldn’t use it with all the bees swarming so it pretty much had to be done.

After about a week I’ve started the bird bath back up. It will get busy again but it’s slow right now and I think some of my regulars have moved to other spots. After a bit there will be new ones to come and take their place, and so it goes.

— David

Bee Bath
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Colors on the street
Red, white and blue
People shufflin’ their feet
People sleepin’ in their shoes
But there’s a warnin’ sign on the road ahead
There’s a lot of people sayin’ we’d be better off dead
Don’t feel like Satan, but I am to them
So I try to forget it any way I can

Keep on rockin’ in the free world

— Neil Young

Neil Young
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Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July.
— David

Gonna have me a yard sale
Sell everything
Everything you got
So if you come back
I know
You come back to me
— Hasil Adkins

Hasil Adkins
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Wife’s out front with a friend, selling vintage things that didn’t sell at the antique mall. It looks like they’re doing good. Most of what doesn’t sell will be donated so I know they’re selling things priced to go.

I’ll help set up but I won’t do yard sales, can’t stand them. A $60 toaster oven going for $5 and some guy offers me $2.50. I don’t want to deal with that crap.

Another time, my wife was inside while I was taking care of things, I saw something of mine that shouldn’t have been out so I was bringing it in. A dealer saw it in my hands and wanted to buy it, I explained it was mine, wasn’t for sale and shouldn’t have been out. She knew my wife from the mall and got on the phone and called her to try to get her to sell it… wtf.

It was an old Fisher-Price toy worth $20-30.

Y’all might have heard about the storm we had at the end of May, we got pretty lucky.
— David

Storm Video
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Storm Damage
Cemetery for soldiers killed in battle
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But You Didn't

Remember the time you lent me your car
and I dented it?

I thought you’d kill me…
But you didn’t.

Remember the time I forgot to
tell you the dance was
and you came in jeans?
I thought you’d hate me…
But you didn’t.

Remember the times I’d flirt with
other boys just to make you jealous,
you were?
I thought you’d drop me…
But you didn’t.

There were plenty of things you did
to put up with me,
to keep me happy,
to love me,
and there are
so many things I wanted
to tell
you when you returned from
But you didn’t.

— Merril Glass