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Madness – Tomorrow’s (Just another Day) (1983)

โ€ฆ Walking now, over covered ground
There’s a chance if I move around
I need a moment to reflect
On the friendships I have wrecked
Why is it time, don’t I always try?
โ€ฆ I hear them saying (tomorrow’s just another day)
โ€” Carl Smyth

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I’ve given up on scheduling. I was getting things done unless it was on the schedule.ย 

I had set up a schedule with repeating reminders that would reset everyday on a “To Do” list. Every two or three days I would go through the To Do list and check off everything I hadn’t done.

Things need to get done, but like rust – another day, another week – it’s not a big deal until it is.

โ€” David

Simon and Garfunkel – The Dangling Conversation (1966)

Yes, we speak of things that matter
With words that must be said
“Can analysis be worthwhile?”
“Is the theater really dead?”
โ€” Paul Simon

Simon and Garfunkel
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The blog police say to keep your readers engaged you have to update regularly.
Next week I’ll be adding to the site and making some changes to the backend but for now I got nothing. All is good.
โ€” David

The Pixies – Where is my Mind (1988)

Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Way out in the water, see it swimmin’
โ€” Black Francis

Pixies Perform Where is my Mind
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One of the issues I’m having writing this blog is looking at it from the outside and seeing a whiny bitch.

I’ve gotta make some changes and that’s what I’m working on. Hopefully I can share some strategies that work. Whether I succeed or fail, there’s going to be stages I go through. Maybe being a whiny bitch is a stage to be gone through, then again maybe it’s a step going in the completely wrong direction or maybe it’s not even reality, just the way I’m viewing it.

Probably all those things and more in various degrees. And then it could just be that I am a whiny bitch. I have no idea – It’s not helping though.

Whining about whining, it’s a loop.

I keep forgetting the basics: ย Focus on the big picture. If I focus on my insecurities and what other people think (or what I think they think) I’m just making it harder to stay or even get in the game. Spending one’s life in relentless, obsessive negative thoughts doesn’t have many benefits.

โ€” David

๐Ÿ‘‰ Life Strategy Tip #1 – Don’t be a whiny bitch ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

๐Ÿ‘‰ Life Strategy Tip ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
#1 – Don’t be a whiny bitch


NTR description at Duck Duck Go - "David shares his thoughts on life, music, and cassettes on his personal blog. Read about his struggles with scheduling, his search for a spark, and his opinions on eBay."

Bless his heart

NTR Description on Google - "With millions of people making music for thousands of years, non-repetitive, unsafe, non-categorized, top-notch music should be the norm."

Much better

By the way, another schedule went tits up.
โ€” David

Float on – Modest Mouse (2004)

Alright, don’t worry, even if things end upย aย bit too heavy, we’ll all float on
โ€” Isaac Brock, Dann Gallucci, Eric Judy, Benjamin Weikel

Snap from Float on Video
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Things brightened up the last couple days, got some things done, listed.

I’ve been going through CDs, European labels, most of it I hadn’t heard of. I went on eBay and the results were often just European sellers. Some pretty rare ones. I’ll be putting them up.ย 

It’s easy when things go smoothly.ย 

โ€” David