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North Texas Radio should be easy to explain. The concept is not a complicated one: Play good music.

It’s a simple concept, yet, through decades as a frustrated listener, I’ve never run across a radio station that simply plays good music, all kinds. Most stations typically conform to formats, schedules and/or have small playlists that repeat endlessly. These are marketing tools used to reel in a lazy audience.

Good music, made for and by intelligent, creative and possibly disturbed people just doesn’t correlate with the specifications of some corporation’s marketing team. Forget their whole approach.

With millions of people making music for thousands of years, non-repetitive, unsafe, non-categorized, top notch music should be the norm.

The North Texas Radio Library contains music that was recorded before there was electricity up until the latest releases. At present the library contains over 100,000 recordings. The playlist is drawn from the best of that library.

 – David

The Stooges | Dick Dale | John Cale | Curtis Mayfield | Roy Orbison | Public Image Ltd. | Jimi Hendrix | The Residents |  Can | The Talking HeadsFrank Sinatra | Nat King ColeBad Religion | Janis JoplinKraftwerk |  The Monks | The Minutemen | Daniel Johnston | Stiff Little Fingers | Eels | The Seeds | Björk | The Cramps | Animal Collective | Bad Brains | Butthole Surfers | Hole | The Archies | The Arcade Fire | Gang Of Four | Harry Partch | Sonic Youth | Doris Day | Silver Apples | Buddy Holly | The Mountain GoatsJoni Mitchell | Lee Hazelwood | Blurt | The Damned | T. Rex | Joe Meek | Peaches | Banco de Gaia | Wesley Willis | TrafficAdam Parfrey  | The Fall | AC-DC  | Johnny Cash | The Carter Family | Pere Ubu | Smokey Robinson | Nick Cave | Ennio Morricone | Bob Dylan | Peter Gabriel | Harry Nilsson | Pink Floyd | Flipper | Leonard Cohen | Lothar and the Hand People | Mott the Hoople | Joseph Spence | Chuck Berry | Donovan | Sammy Davis Jr. | The B-52’s | Hoagy Carmichael | Lucille Bogan | Eartha Kitt | Raymond Scott | The Wipers | CCR | Nina Hagen | David Bowie | Billy Bragg | Frank Zappa | The Velvet Underground | Revolting Cocks | Led Zeppelin | Tom Lehrer | The Sonics | The Subsonics | Moldy Peaches | Jandek | The Who | Hank Williams | John Zorn | The Toys | Brian Eno | Jerry Lee LewisSuicideBurt Bacharach | Lee “Scratch” Perry | Fats Domino | The Magnetic Fields | Elton John | Andre Williams | Ringo |  The Last Poets | Fear | The Fugs | Aphex Twin | Jonathan Richman | The Supremes | Bauhaus |  The Beat Happening | Sisters of Mercy | Amon Düül | Black Uhuru | The Ramones | The Animals | The Au Pairs | The Yardbirds | X | Johnny Thunders | Tom Petty | Arthur Lyman | Soft Cell | The BandElvis Costello | Nirvana | Big Black | Elvis Presley | Neil Young | Lou Reed | Billy ChildishWeen | The Partridge FamilyBruce Haack | The Birthday Party | El Duce | Modest Mouse | King Crimson | Randy Newman | Dinah Washington | Negativland | The Pogues | Bad Posture | The Sex Pistols | Tangela Tricoli | Tom Waits | Violent Femmes | The Carpenters | Jad Fair | Syd Barrett | Sun Ra | Brian Wilson | Tracy Chapman | Lene Lovich | The Doors | The Collins Kids | Flatt & Scruggs | Love | Scott Walker | Klaus Nomi | Dion | Cabaret Voltaire | Carl Stalling | The Rolling Stones | N.W.A. | Patti Smith | Roky  Erickson | Jacques Brel | Simon & Garfunkel | The Kids of Widney High | Dusty Springfield | Martin Denny | Link Wray | Sly and the Family Stone | The Swans | The BeatlesThe Shaggs…

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Front Page - Link Dump* ☞ External Links, Videos, Posts... ⇩⇩⇩⇩

*The Dump contains external links to articles from other sites.

External News Links are dated as to when they were originally created or posted on their respective sites whenever possible, this makes it so news articles can be listed, searched and archived by publication date. 

Other ☞ External Links, Videos, Posts etc. are simply given the current date automatically as they are added/posted to the Link Dump.


"NEW DELHI: India has registered a strong protest with Pakistan against the forced conversion and marriage of a Hindu girl in Sindh province. The girl, who is only nine years old, was reportedly abducted from her home earlier this month by a 55-year-old man who married her after having her converted to Islam."
May 29, 2023
Collapsed Apartment Building
"Seven people earlier were rescued and more than a dozen others escorted out of the building, known as The Davenport, after part of its back section collapsed Sunday and detached from the rest of the structure"
May 29, 2023
Bull Running into Crowd
"The incident happened halfway through the show as spectators were line dancing at the Top End Mustering Rodeo in Kununurra in the state's north-west on Saturday night."
May 29, 2023
"In addition, the Defense Ministry is also taking other precautions, such as deploying Patriot missile defense batteries and Aegis destroyers with ballistic missile defense capabilities to waters around Japan's Nansei Islands, an archipelago that stretches from the southern tip of the main island of Japanese Kyushu south to near Taiwan."
May 29, 2023
"Taliban forces knocked on the door and took my 18-year-old brother. They knew about our profession and told him that we should go to the police station and repent."
May 29, 2023
“It seems a bit backward, almost, that we do plastic recycling in order to protect the environment, and then end up increasing a different and potentially more harmful problem”
May 29, 2023
"They are breeding out the controversial practice of dehorning, using genetics to produce animals that do not grow horns."
May 28, 2023
London Warehouse Flat
"A grim looking bedroom for rent in a London warehouse has been slammed online after it went on the market for £680 ($839.54) a month."
May 28, 2023
“They push her wheelchair, remind her how and when she should vote and step in to explain what is happening when she grows confused. They stay with her in the cloak room just off the Senate floor, where Ms. Feinstein has taken to waiting her turn to vote, then appearing in the doorway to register her ‘aye’ or ‘nay’ from the outer edge of the chamber.”
May 28, 2023
"Gunmen killed two rangers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Virunga National Park on Sunday, the Congo Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN) said in a statement, the second attack this month in the country’s restive east."
May 28, 2023
"Over the next three days, more than 2 million litres of water was pumped out from the reservoir, which was enough to irrigate at least 1,500 acres (607 hectares) of land during India’s scorching summer, local media reported."
May 28, 2023
"The woman was staying at a cabin near Gull Lake when she let her dog outside early Friday, the state's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said in a release. She went out to check on her dog and was attacked. The bear swiped at the woman, 'striking her in several places,' then left the area, the DNR said. "
May 28, 2023
"Vatan-e-Emrooz dedicated its editorial to Iran's new missile test and said: Following the test of the Khorramshahr 4 missile, the Zionists have been greatly frightened. The regime’s media and experts have interpreted the ballistic missile as specifically designed to destroy the usurpers of Quds."
May 28, 2023
Triangle cut up into multiple triangles
"This brainteaser looks deceptively simple, but it takes on-average six minutes for people to solve the puzzle"
May 28, 2023
"Under the current approach to journalism, it is the New York Times that receives a Pulitzer for a now debunked Russian collusion story rather than the New York Post for a now proven Hunter Biden laptop story."
May 28, 2023
"On four occasions, the animal awoke 'abruptly' before engaging 'in antipredator and predatory behaviours,' changing colour, and flailing his arms around erratically, researchers said in a paper published last week on the website bioRxiv. In two of the instances the octopus shot black ink into the water -a common tactic used to escape from predators - despite there being no predator present."
May 28, 2023
"John Cleese refused to bend the knee to the outrage mob who called for a joke to be removed from an upcoming stage version of Monty Python’s 'Life Of Brian.' The controversial scene features a man claiming that he is a woman and he can have a baby."
May 28, 2023
“But then, you take the bottom sheet, and lift it up as well. Make sure that you don’t see any spots. You’re not just looking for bed bugs, you also don’t want to see any brown spots. Those brown spots are what we called fecal spots, because when bed bugs take a blood meal, they digest blood and leave behind brown fecal spots resembling that of blood."
May 28, 2023
"PETALING JAYA: Telegram is standing firm on its refusal to cooperate with the communications and digital ministry, saying it will not participate in 'any form of political censorship'.”
May 28, 2023
"An Associated Press review of court records shows that prosecutors in the more than 1,000 criminal cases from Jan. 6, 2021, are increasingly asking judges to impose fines on top of prison sentences to offset donations from supporters of the Capitol rioters."
May 28, 2023

"HANOI/BEIJING, May 26 (Reuters) – A Chinese research ship and five escort vessels were in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Friday close to gas blocks operated by Russian firms in the South China Sea, a day after Vietnam urged the ships to leave."

"It's good for us all to realize, there would be no climate crisis if there was no racism. There would be no climate crisis if there was no patriarchy. A mindset that sees things in a hierarchical way. White men are the things that matter and then everything else [is] at the bottom."
"Fonda failed to mention that China - which isn't run by white men - ranks as the world's largest polluter, emitting more greenhouse gases than all developed nations combined."

"When the circumstance was called to the Court's attention by opposing counsel, the Court issued Orders requiring plaintiff's counsel to provide an affidavit annexing copies of certain judicial opinions of courts of record cited in his submission, and he has complied. Six of the submitted cases appear to be bogus judicial decisions with bogus quotes and bogus internal citations. "

"According to reports, the children were being served 'khichdi' prepared by an NGO during the mid-day meal when a snake was found in one of the plates. As soon as the news spread in the school, the distribution of food was stopped. However, the students who had already eaten began vomiting and were immediately rushed to the Forbesganj hospital."

"The latest crackdown targeted accounts on popular Chinese social media apps including WeChat, Douyin, and Weibo that fall under the category of 'self media,' a term that broadly refers to accounts that publish news and information but are not government-run or state-approved."

“There’s a strong probability that it will make life much better and that we’ll have an age of abundance. And there’s some chance that it goes wrong and destroys humanity.”

"Jeffersonville Police began investigating the funeral home early last July after the county coroner's office reported a strong odor emanating from the building. The unrefrigerated bodies were found in various states of decomposition, and some had been at the funeral home since March."

"The stench was so bad that the school was evacuated twice in an attempt to find the source, while seven students were taken to the hospital for further care after complaining of headaches and nausea, according to an ABC 13 report."

"For people in countries with strict internet censorship, the Dark Web can be a lifeline, providing access to uncensored news and the ability to communicate freely with the outside world. Sites such as the BBC and ProPublica are available in the Dark Web."

"Immigrants are apparently getting the job done, with new government data finding that almost 1 in 5 workers last year were born outside the U.S. to parents who aren't American citizens, representing a record-high share of the workforce."

Before anything else, including being a debate judge, I am a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist.  . . . I cannot check the revolutionary proletarian science at the door when I’m judging. . . . I will no longer evaluate and thus never vote for rightest capitalist-imperialist positions/arguments. . . ." 

"In South Korea, which is battling the world's lowest fertility rate and declining productivity, this has become a serious concern. So much so that authorities are offering young recluses who meet a certain income threshold a monthly stipend to coax them out of their homes."

"To provide a historical perspective on whistleblowing and intelligence leaks, Stacker compiled 21 of the most impactful intelligence leaks in U.S. history from historical archives, government reports, and federal agencies."

"The car was ransacked. One man, who eventually auctioned the family collection of souvenirs, said, 'My grandfather grabbed a handful of stuff off of the floor of the car which the outlaws had been living in. He said the car was full of trash. When he got home, he saw that he had… a small screwdriver, a Bayer aspirin tin, the side temple of a pair of wire glasses, an unspent bullet… and a blood-stained silk stocking.'"

We hope that you take advantage of National Paper Airplane day and get outdoors to enjoy some fresh air with a friend. Take your favorite paper airplane and have some fun!
Paper Airplane Designs - Database ☞ Fold N Fly

"The US arms sale to the island of Taiwan is 'an extremely wrong and dangerous move,' and China will firmly safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial security, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned on Friday, after Taiwan's defense authorities confirmed that the first shipment of US FIM-92 Stinger missiles had arrived in the island..."

"Public commemoration of the massacre is banned in mainland China, while an annual candlelight vigil that used to mark the anniversary in Hong Kong's Victoria Park has fallen silent after more than three decades, its leaders in prison under a draconian national security law used to crack down on public dissent."

"In a statement released on Thursday evening by Interior Principle Secretary Raymond Omollo, the government said the allegations presented in the article were not subjected to authoritative proof of existence by the relevant persons from both the Kenyan and the Chinese governments."

"A Republican-controlled Texas House committee filed 20 articles of impeachmentagainst GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton, ranging from bribery to abuse of public trust, and a vote that could remove him from office is scheduled for Saturday."

"In the days after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, Bank of America went through its own customers' financial and transaction records. These were the private records of Americans who had committed no crime; people who, as far as we know, had absolutely nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol. But at the request of federal investigators, Bank of America searched its databases looking for people who fit a specific profile"
"That 'profile' Carlson explained, was 'remarkably broad.'"

"Torres joins Reps. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) in calling for Feinstein to leave the upper chamber."

"Plano has placed first in Texas and 16th nationally in the nonprofit Trust for Public Land’s 2023 ParkScore rankings, which evaluates the best park systems among the 100 largest cities in the United States."

"Little is known about her early life in Russia. She attended university between 2000 and 2005 and studied at the Togliatti Institute of Management on the banks of the river Volga in the Samara region, south-east of Moscow."

"It involved attempting to drop 'an object' from the Golden Gate Bridge as the Royal Yacht Britannia sailed beneath it."

"When students are creating their own surveys, if they want to include data for, teachers need to be sure they include both intersex and other as choices. [A]nd if the students want to include data for gender, a variety of choices need to be included, such as agender, genderfluid, female, male, nonbinary, transman, transwoman, and other."

"Luan Nam, 72, was trying to move a crocodile out of a cage where it had laid eggs when it grabbed the stick he was using as a goad and pulled him in."

"We must be uncompromising on the fundamentals, there is no such thing as 'legitimate' violence, whether it be verbal or [physically] targeting people. We must work tirelessly to counteract this process of décivilisation."

"Right now in the school district in which we live we have to provide residency, citizenship, health records and vaccination records on an almost annual basis. I have a child right now, and I must have five emails in my inbox stating that my child cannot return to school next year without a specific vaccine. So it's certainly inconsistent with what they're allowing for the migrant children coming into the Chicago public schools."

"Loadenthal also participated in another PREVENTS-OH seminar called 'White Nationalism Workshop' in which he explained how antifascists could pressure financial services including Paypal, Venmo, Patreon, and GoFundMe or pressure retailers like Amazon and service providers like Tinder and AirBnB to kick people off. Loadental openly boasted during the presentation that 'a lot of the things we're doing are illegal' and 'a lot of it involves breaking the law,' the report stated."

"The detainees, who include members of pro-Kurdish political parties, face accusations of 'disseminating propaganda for a terrorist organization' and 'membership in a terrorist organization.' They are currently being held at provincial and district police departments."

"This statement by CBP is misleading as the federal government funds non-government organizations such as Catholic charities to assist in the travel, food, and shelter for illegal aliens and is coordinated by FEMA."

"The NAACP is silent about the scourge of black homicide victims while it focuses on its woke politics and supporting the Democratic Party no matter how much it lets down black America from Joe Biden down to the latest failed big city mayor."

"Though First Republic was widely known for offering generous rewards to staff, some potential rescuers were surprised by the compensation figures on display when the FDIC granted access to the bank’s data room days before the agency’s emergency intervention on May 1."

"Iran has showcased a new ballistic missile named ‘Kheibar’ that reportedly boasts a range of over 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) and carries a payload of 1.5 tons."

"Kayishema is alleged to have orchestrated the killing of about 2,000 Tutsi refugees — women, men, children and elderly — at the Nyange Catholic Church during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. He has been at large since 2001."

"Instead of providing assistance to the injured, the sneaky rescue workers moved their ambulance to block the crab sticks from the view of the injured to stop him from seeing what they were about to do."

"The hacks constitute a three-year campaign that targeted eight of Kenya's ministries and government departments, including the presidential office, according to an intelligence analyst in the region."

"Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, working alongside a handful of the OG Brady cast, made the interior the spitting image of the sets where they shot the sitcom - and that meant chipping in nearly $2 mil for the renovations, including adding an entire 2nd floor."

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