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I was going through reddit, (if you’re not familiar with reddit, I consider it sort of the bowels of the internet – filled with lots of people that don’t know anything all the while pretending to be experts). I was looking at the eBay and Flipping subreddits trying to find resources and see what they had to say about the YouTube people I was following. For the most part they hate the people I’ve been following.

Basically they say most of the YouTubers with big followings are scammers trying to build their YouTube channels, sell courses etc. and aren’t really that knowledgable. That’s where the drama comes in… they really feel strongly – over the top and then there’s the disgruntled anonymous employees, theories about sourcing, theft and so on (if it was interesting I’d post links but it’s basically unverified accusations).

It does give me some pause for thought. I still believe the advice I’ve been getting and following is good but where I’m new to this I’m going to hold off on recommending anyone to follow. 

I do have a pro-tip though. If you have an eBay store, you have access to Terapeak Research which is a 3 year listing of sold items. The thing is, if you’re out hunting it’s a pain to get to Terapeak Research through the app. I watched a video on it and I’m like “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Here’s the tip: You can just save the link to your phone: Terapeak product research 
On an iPhone, go to the link then click on the share button scroll down and save it to your Home Screen. I presume an android is similar.

For those without stores there is a 90 day sold listing if you use the filters on the regular eBay app – still a bit of a pain. There is some good news about the app though, if you weren’t aware you can search the regular listings by image or barcode on your phone. The Amazon app allows you to do this too.

— David