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Elvis Costello – Radio Radio (1978)

I wanna bite the hand that feeds me
I wanna bite that hand so badly
I want to make them wish they’d never seen me
— Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello
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Selling on the eBay store is going well, 100% positive feedback, 85 items sold of 170 listed (as of today exactly half of my listings have sold), every item shipped and received on time. No returns or customer issues. 

I had an issue though that has convinced me that I need to run the store from the website. I’ll still be on eBay, they are the biggest market for the things I sell but I need to become more independent and less reliant on a single platform.

The main difference this means is I’ll be here more, working on the website more. Actually turning it into a business. (I should have sold 850 items and had 1700 listed by now – that’s on me)

I’m expecting to resync the website with eBay next week, there are some items available on eBay that aren’t listed on the site. In the future I’ll have things listed on the site that won’t be available on eBay.

— David