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Hasil Adkins – Gonna Have me a Yard Sale (1994) – Audio Only

Gonna have me a yard sale
Sell everything
Everything you got
So if you come back
I know
You come back to me
— Hasil Adkins

Hasil Adkins
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Wife’s out front with a friend, selling vintage things that didn’t sell at the antique mall. It looks like they’re doing good. Most of what doesn’t sell will be donated so I know they’re selling things priced to go.

I’ll help set up but I won’t do yard sales, can’t stand them. A $60 toaster oven going for $5 and some guy offers me $2.50. I don’t want to deal with that crap.

Another time, my wife was inside while I was taking care of things, I saw something of mine that shouldn’t have been out so I was bringing it in. A dealer saw it in my hands and wanted to buy it, I explained it was mine, wasn’t for sale and shouldn’t have been out. She knew my wife from the mall and got on the phone and called her to try to get her to sell it… wtf.

It was an old Fisher-Price toy worth $20-30.

Y’all might have heard about the storm we had at the end of May, we got pretty lucky.
— David

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