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Jimmy & Johnny – I Can’t Find The Doorknob (1958) – Audio Only

I hear ’em screamin’ and a-havin’ a ball
Commotion’s comm’ from the end of the hall
I’m missin’ out on all the party again
‘Cause I can’t find the doorknob, I can’t get in
My baby’s in there and it’s makin’ me sad
I hear her laughin’ and it’s makin’ me mad
I see a dim light in the lover’s den
But I can’t find the doorknob, I can’t get in
— Jimmy Fautheree

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Doorknobs would be something to learn. Not much competition, easy to ship. 

Went to a “Trade Days” where they sell antiques and collectibles. Acres and acres of vendors.

Still don’t know what I should be searching for. I brought $80, left without buying anything. I looked up a few things but no luck. My wife who’s been doing this since the ’90s bought about $700 worth of vintage things for the antique mall. There’s good deals out there but they’re not obvious, you need to know what you’re doing. I still don’t.

If I was doing this on my own I would have probably quit by now. For the hours I’ve spent it hasn’t been profitable but with my wife in the business I’m out there anyways. I’m just taking my time looking around, no pressure, I’m lucky. It would be hell to try to start this from scratch and try to make a living off it.

— David

Carload of vintage buys
Boxes and Bags of Vintage items