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On the Hunt – Friday Edition

We’ve got 6 estate sales on our list, from local to Dallas. I don’t expect to be able to hit them all but we’ll see.

Will update as time permits.

First stop – everyone including the people holding the sale had their phones out looking up prices, talked to the sellers, they were using Google Lens and using the “for sale” prices not “sold” prices. Asking too much. I didn’t buy anything.

2nd stop – was better, still didn’t buy anything. Learning that I need to learn about – digital cameras, kitchenware, books – lots I don’t know.

3rd stop – almost bought something. Artsy coffee mug. Was selling for $2, retails $15-20 online used but it was damaged.

4th stop, another no go. Nothing today for me. If I knew more about buying certain things I’d probably have more to show for my efforts. I’ll add a bit for context when I get home.

3:00 pm – Lunchtime – We’re done

Going over the day:

A couple things – I was trying to update the website off my phone and so was posting “live”.  I was able to do that but looking at it now it was just unnecessary and got in the way. 

The $2 cup, part of an experiment – Was trying to see if I could do and what I could with just $20 for the day. A $2 cup would have fit in great. As far as the experiment, the $20 unexpectedly lasted all day and went home with me.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that there has to be some specialization. Lots of things have possibilities but the more informed you can be in specific areas is crucial, no exaggeration – small details make huge differences. Clothes, electronics and artwork stand out as areas where there are a lot of opportunities, there is so much out there. I’m hesitant to go into those areas for various reasons but from looking at the “successful sellers” that are on YouTube – it looks to me that they all sell clothes, other things too but lotsa clothes. 

While it’s not always the case, many of the professionally run estate sales out here follow a three-day pattern:
Friday – everything is full price (and overpriced)
Saturday – 25% off
Sunday – from 50-75% off depending on time – the later it gets, the better the deals.

— David