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Taxes, fees, shipping… Oh my!


Just starting to figure out how much the costs are compared to what I’m actually making.

The picture only covers the last 30 days (I started about 3 months ago) but I was still learning as I set things up and wasn’t really listing with any regularity until a few days ago. Next month should be significantly better.

After expenses I get to keep about 50%. From $160 in sales, I got $85. – eBay gets $32, Shipping was $32, taxes were $10, then there’s the envelopes/packaging which isn’t included here.

I’ve been doing fairly well as far as the amount of sales compared to the number of items listed. I’ve sold about 30% of my listed stock since starting. My prices are very competitive and I shoot for a bit lower than the competition unless someone has priced something ridiculously low.

I’ve been watching a lot of seller videos and if I’m going to get anywhere though I’m going to be needing to sell more expensive and valuable items. This means jump-starting the process of listing some of our vintage/antique items. I’ve been holding off mainly because I’m still figuring out shipping. For DVDs, I use USPS, but for larger and heavier items I’m going to have to do more research.

— David