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Affiliates, Ads, Sales

Sounds fun… as I set up things here I realized I should write up some kind of policy for what I write or post about and what I sell or am involved with.
I can’t expect people to guess if I’m getting paid for something I recommend or point to.

Fair question – it’s never happened and if I were to be in some promotional or affiliate program I would think it would be silly not to mention it and make it clear. I am looking to learn more about affiliate programs but I’m not currently involved in any.

The North Texas Radio station has always been noncommercial and I pay for it out of my pocket.

The only ads I have ever had are new additions and they are currently on the bottom of the website, these are from my personal eBay store. Our home business is vintage and antique sales. I’m looking to expand that to mail order and starting off with movies and music to get the hang of it.

I’m not opposed to ads on the website, I’d love it if people bought “space” like in the old days, which I guess is a lot like the new days but it’s still not like the old days.

β€” David

I was the Son of an Efficiency Expert

It was his job title, it’s who he was.
From what I understand, the position was created specifically for him.

It was rough growing up, rules were odd. Think of OCD, ADHD, addiction and a bunch of other crap that runs the gamut from neurotic to full blown insanity.
It’s annoying, it’s tiring, it’s overwhelming, it’s inheritable.

One of the things I’ve learned that helps – the brain has trouble focusing on more than one thing at a time. If you can, when you’re stuck – focus your attention on something helpful, productive etc. Sounds sort of quaint, but what’s the alternative? Keep running the same script over and over in your head?

In other news,Β I have started selling on eBay, I’m still working on setting it up here.Β 

β€” David


I am so glad I switched web hosts. I’m currently using DreamHost and the techs there are superb. The move was pretty easy, instructions were straightforward. I’ve been bugging them for 3 or 4 days now due to issues with setting up the store. They’ve been super helpful and none of the issues have been with their service, mainly things I didn’t know how to do.

For the first time I have a staging area where I can work on the site and update it on the backend and view changes before posting. If you’ve been following me, I generally have been working live, warts and all. The staging area is part of their package and the package I got is considerably less expensive than what I was paying before.

The last hosts couldn’t even read the damn ticket – I told them what I was having issues with, the backend – it was a complete mess and what was ok (the frontend). They told me the frontend looked good and was loading fine on their end, didn’t say anything about the backend. Also, they said I had a 10 second load time and acted like that was acceptable. They said loading time was due to the audio I have on my site (I don’t have any audio on my site – the player is hosted at Live365).

I totally recommend DreamHost if you’re setting up a site using WordPress.

β€” David

Hello World

Howdy all,

I’m in the process of setting up a online store and selling off some of our music and video library.

I’m going to be stepping back and shelving the news for now. It’s just really not good for my mental health. I am deeply concerned about the direction things are going in, but I need to take a break.

I do want to use the website to focus on things that are relevant to living a happy and productive life while navigating through the current insanity.

β€” David