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Lost in the Supermarket

Made some good buys, some bad buys but should be able to break even after 3 days of estate sales, garage sales and thrift stores. It’s a lot harder than it appears on YouTube. I’m luckier than a lot of flippers that are starting out as I already have a huge collection of DVDs, CDs […]

On the Hunt – Friday Edition

We’ve got 6 estate sales on our list, from local to Dallas. I don’t expect to be able to hit them all but we’ll see. Will update as time permits. First stop – everyone including the people holding the sale had their phones out looking up prices, talked to the sellers, they were using Google […]


I was going through reddit, (if you’re not familiar with reddit, I consider it sort of the bowels of the internet – filled with lots of people that don’t know anything all the while pretending to be experts). I was looking at the eBay and Flipping subreddits trying to find resources and see what they […]

Eggs in a Basket

I’m just beginning to see how huge the flipping industry is. We’ve been involved with antiques and vintage things for years but I always thought of myself as a collector. Thinking out loud: I see the move to flipping from being a collector as – not when you begin buying things to resell, but rather […]

Taxes, fees, shipping… Oh my!

Yikes, Just starting to figure out how much the costs are compared to what I’m actually making. The picture only covers the last 30 days (I started about 3 months ago) but I was still learning as I set things up and wasn’t really listing with any regularity until a few days ago. Next month […]

Was that Bob Dylan? No – Mountain Goats

The elephant wants out. I had a psychologist tell me I was good at explaining complicated things, she also said I was severely mentally ill. So there’s that. I’m probably going to be posting about selling quite a bit as I to turn the site into web store and work to grow it into a […]

DVD Boxes and Boxes of DVDs

On the site I’ll be using the eBay grading on DVDs: Movies & TV, Music, Video Games Brand new: The item was never opened or removed from the manufacturer’s sealing (if applicable). The item is in original shrink wrap (if applicable). See the seller’s listing for full details Like new: The item looks as if […]

Affiliates, Ads, Sales

Sounds fun… as I set up things here I realized I should write up some kind of policy for what I write or post about and what I sell or am involved with. I can’t expect people to guess if I’m getting paid for something I recommend or point to. Fair question – it’s never […]

I was the Son of an Efficiency Expert

It was his job title, it’s who he was.From what I understand, the position was created specifically for him. It was rough growing up, rules were odd. Think of OCD, ADHD, addiction and a bunch of other crap that runs the gamut from neurotic to full blown insanity.It’s annoying, it’s tiring, it’s overwhelming, it’s inheritable. […]


I am so glad I switched web hosts. I’m currently using DreamHost and the techs there are superb. The move was pretty easy, instructions were straightforward. I’ve been bugging them for 3 or 4 days now due to issues with setting up the store. They’ve been super helpful and none of the issues have been […]